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2023 Photographic Competition


A new year and a new competition. The prizes are unchanged but we have more flexibility on the submission of photographs. It will again be judged by Steve Belasco. The competition runs from the 1st April until the 1st October.

The Prize again will be a bottle of bubbly for the winner of each category.

The Categories:-

All at Sea

Photographs taken while out on a boat.(any boat not necessarily your own)


Pictures of coastlines, can be taken from sea or shore.

Light & Shade or Shadows

We would like it to involve involved sea or boating but not absolutely neccessary. It is the interpretation of the challege that is most important.

The competition rules are below.


  1. All photographs submitted must be the original work of PYC members taken during the period of the competition.
  2. Photographs must be submitted in digital form, preferably as jpegs and emailed to
    You must state the category and give the photo a title.
  3. Photographs can be in either colour or monochrome.
  4. If the image is larger than 5mb please contact to get instructions for uploading large files.
  5. Please do not submit very small files as we cannot do them justice when they are displayed. If its size is less that 1Mbyte it is probably too small.
  6. A member cannot submit more than 2 photographs in each category for judging. To encourage entries during the competition you may submit more than 2 photographs during the competition providing you nominate your entries before the closing date.
  7. Photographs that are not appropriate to any of the categories will not be judged.
  8. It is the responsibility of competitors to correctly interpret what photographs are appropriate for each category. If a category is not clearly indicated then it cannot be accepted
  9. Photographs will be judged on composition, quality and how closely it meets the category.
  10. Submitted photographs will be exhibited in the members area of the website (not available to non members)
  11. Photographs may be cropped but extensive editing using programs such as Photoshop is not permitted.
  12. The judges decision is final.
  13. Note:- The copyright of the photos resides with the photographer