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About the Portland Yacht Club

PYC was created in late 2010 by a group of Portland Marina berth holders who wanted something local that would enhance their enjoyment of boating, but with an emphasis on informality and a minimum of rules and regulations.

That is just what we are, and some two years later we have an ever growing membership and schedule of events, both out of season and on the water.

We do not care what sort of vessel you have your fun in as long as it floats. Rag-and-stick men rub shoulders with speedy ‘oil burners’ or ‘rubber tubs’ alike at PYC. We also welcome membership from non boat owners, who may be aspiring to get a boat and divest themselves of their hard earned cash while getting wet and anxious, or who just want to talk things nautical or perhaps get crewing opportunities.

Club notices can be found on this web site or are posted on the PYC section of the Dean & Reddyhoff notice board located outside the marina office.

Membership application forms can be found on this web site or picked up from the marina office.

You will find details of future events posted on the web site so please mark it as a ‘favourite’ and check the web site regularly.

We have a member’s only section accessed by a password set when you join us, and there is the ability to add member’s comments, logs, photographs etc. Please remember though that the normal rules of propriety apply as for any public access forum.